Ziua Romaniei!

Last weekend some friends and I ran away for a night in Sibiu, one of Romania's most beautiful cities.

First things first, we had to visit Podul Minciunilor (The Liars' Bridge), which would supposedly collapse if you told a lie while crossing it.

We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon wandering around town, then climbed the stairs to the top of this tower (one of my favorite things to do in Sibiu)...

...where we watched the sunset over the mountains, red tile rooftops, and Christmas market.

After a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant possibly in all of Romania (think authentic Italian food AND the only good steaks in the country), we stood in the freezing weather to watch a two-hour outdoor figure skating show. After standing in one place for so long, even with boots and thick socks, I couldn't feel my toes. It was a beautiful way to spend the last night of November, though! I wanted to ride the carousel, but apparently we're too old for that.

Sunday was Romania's biggest national holiday, so while half of our crew took the holier route and went to church, the rest of us bundled up and set out for a day of celebration. After strolling through downtown, we joined the masses along the main street for a military parade, which was surprisingly interesting. Every branch of the Romanian armed forces was represented, including the canine units, the mountain guys in their crazy camouflage, and the search and rescue team.

So, Romania, here's to 95 years of existence as an independent, unified nation. I love your crazy Latin-Slavic culture, the smell of sausage and cheap wine wafting through the holiday air, and your winding cobblestone streets lined with colorfully-aged buildings. 

La multi ani, Romania!

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