"Din Dragul Craciunului"

A quick little story that took place a couple of days before Christmas... which I know was over a week ago... humor me, ok?

I was wandering around downtown, waiting for a friend to come give me a ride to church, when I got that not-hungry-but-I-really-want-a-croissant feeling. I blame this on having spent the previous week in France, where I ate croissants and drank cappuccino at my will. So I made my way to the grocery store bakery, grabbed a croissant, and managed to find an EMPTY checkout lane. Imagine! No line at the register 2 days before Christmas?! Lucky me!

So my croissant came to 1.50 Lei. Check my wallet, check my pockets, no small change -- just a 1 or a 10. I apologize and take out a 10 L note (cashiers hate that!), then out of nowhere appears 1 L in my face.

Guy: Can I give you 1 L?
Me: *blank stare*
Guy: So you don't have to break your 10...
Me: Seriously?
Guy: Din dragul Craciunului. (For the sake of Christmas.)

The guy in line behind me helped pay for my croissant. That, my friends, is what you call a completely random act of kindness. Day = made.

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