make the most...

Friday night we did street ministry in Helen - free face painting, balloon animals, and bottled water. I'm learning the importance of "making the most of every opportunity," regardless of whether or not a person has ever heard the Gospel. I was talking to a little boy at the face painting booth who said his friend at Sunday School had an EvangiCube (something we use a lot, kids love it), but he wasn't sure how it worked. I showed him how to use it and what the pictures meant, making sure I explained it thoroughly, and at the end I looked up to see that about 10 people in the balloon animal line were watching and listening. The same thing happened at the BBQ Showdown that weekend. I was talking to Hannah about Christ, but a boy named Andrew was watching and I ended up having a great conversation with him about sharing his faith. You just never know who is watching you and what they might need to hear. Everyone needs to hear the Gospel, even those who already believe it, so... this week I'm doing VBS missions, crafts, and recreation with Tabie and Matt!

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