church, day camp, youth week

wow, what a week! Sunday we were at a church "over the mountain" and I made my guitar playing world debut... haha Brittany and I sang Indescribable and In Christ Alone, and I've been told we did a pretty good job! We did day camps every morning at Mountain Lakes and Unicoi Springs. We had 2-4 kids at Mountain Lakes and around 12 (I think?) at Unicoi Springs. It went very well and the kids loved hearing about Jesus and his miracles, death, and resurrection. Still amazed at how many kids don't know the stories. Mon.-Wed. nights we worked at youth In-Sanity Week at a church in Cleveland. We led small group discussions on Salvation and Baptism, and several of the youth accepted Christ. I'm finding that since I started my English classes it seems easier for me to explain things. I guess the BPC English program and the Holy Spirit make a pretty good team :) Yesterday we cleaned up the river where people go tubing. It was pretty gross and we saw 4 snakes, after which I quickly found a way out of the water. This weekend is some kind of hot air balloon event, so I think we're going to make balloon animals or something.

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