Ziua Indragostitilor

Pronounced (roughly): zyoo-wah in-drug-oh-steets-ee-lor

Direct Translation: The Day of Those Who are in Love

For you western-hemispherers, that's Valentine's Day.

I put on a rochița (cute dress), took a little extra effort with my appearance, and was rewarded twice for my efforts. First, one of my 6-year-old boys made me this card...

It says "I like you because you teach us English. I love you. For Teacher." Swoon.

Then I walked into the cafeteria and was greeted by one of my friendly 4-year-old girls, who shouted to me above the din, "Teacher, you have a fat belly!" Rude. In her defense, it was a high-wasted dress, and from her position seated at a kiddie table it probably wasn't too flattering.

Maybe from now on I should get dressed with my mirror on the floor so I'll know what I look like from a child's perspective.

So there you go, Valentine's Day at school. xoxo

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