Please and Thank You

If I'm honest, my self-image as a teacher is probably a combination of my own teachers, Anna from "The King and I," and that big purple guy. In my classroom, we frequently break into song and dance. That being said, I haven't yet taught my kids any Barney songs, but this one may be next!

This week in Grupa Mare (5's) we learned about mealtime and being polite. I taught them the trusty old "God is great, God is good" blessing, played with plastic fruit, read a story about a sneaky alligator kid who tried to use a fishing pole to sneak cookies out of the kitchen (hope they don't try that at home)... and finally, on Friday, I decided it was time to practice everything we'd learned.

First, we sat nicely at the table and thanked God -- in English -- for our food.

Then, thanks to our lovely, domestic, American English teacher, we ate brownies homemade from scratch. Lest you think all we do is sing, dance, and eat junk food, I should add that each child received a brownie only after asking politely, "May I please have a brownie?" 

Like I said, my own teaching is influenced a lot by the excellent teachers I had in preschool and during my 3 years of public school. Thanks to them, we read a lot of stories together (Mrs. Headrick and Mrs. Bowen), and I really enjoy giving treats on Friday to the kids who were good all week (Mrs. Mary Paulk). Am I a nice teacher, or what?

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