Grace, George Muller, and Getting Ready to Go!

T-Minus 3 weeks! Oh boy.

That's less than a month, if you didn't notice.

I'm busy shopping, packing, and soaking up all the Georgia humidity my hair can stand.

I've also been praying, and guess what? George Muller was onto something! If you've never heard of him, you can find a short bio here or read this book. I read his biography while waiting for a flight that must have been providentially delayed, because his story forever changed the way I think about prayer and provision.

Since I committed to going to Romania, I've been praying to be able to sponsor at least one student at Grace School for the 2012-13 school year. My hope was to be able to sponsor two. After many prayers and no formal requests for money -- only through this blog and word of mouth -- God has provided enough funds to pay for one child's full tuition, and money is still coming in so that it looks like there will be enough for two children. I am beyond excited! The same God George Muller found trustworthy is still answering prayers of righteous men and women today.

Praise God with me for answered prayers, for the generous hearts of brothers and sisters who are faithful stewards, and for His provision for these two children and their families.

Continue to pray with me:

  • That my last few weeks at home will be a peaceful time of rest and saying "see ya later" to family and friends.
  • That God will continue to provide full funds for two children (and as many more as He wants, of course).
  • That I will take care of travel business and not procrastinate on the few things I have left to do.
I've also been working on my Romanian, refreshing myself on some of the vocabulary I learned when I was there before. Here are some animals I'm trying to learn:

bird - pasare (pah-suh-ray)
bee - albina (al-bee-nuh)
cat - pisica (pea-sea-cuh)
fish - peste (pesh-tay)
frog - broasca (bro-ahs-cuh)

Have fun!

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