T-minus 2 months!

Guess what? Only 2 months until I leave to spend a whole year teaching overseas! Wow! I guess this would be a good time to tell you a little bit about that. So, let me start with a short introduction to Grace.

What is Grace?
Scoala Crestina Harul (Grace Christian School) is a Christian school in Lugoj, Romania. You can find information and pictures at the school’s website, www.scoalaharul.com.

But Grace is more than a school -- it’s a ministry.

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, grace is “the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.” In a Bible study a few years ago, I learned that grace is not God smiling and saying He likes us. Grace is His favor that results in good for us, strengthens us in our weakness, and empowers us for obedience to Him. It includes all the benefits we receive as a result of belonging to Him. Located in what was once a dilapidated Jewish school building, Grace School stands as a symbol of the transforming power of God’s grace in the community of Lugoj.

God’s grace is demonstrated each year at Grace School as students are given opportunities to learn, grow, and give back to their community. They go to computer class and swimming lessons. They give performances that share what they’ve learned and proclaim the Gospel. They visit a local orphanage with Christmas gifts and handmade cards. Above all, they are given a strong academic foundation in a school where the primary concern is their spiritual foundation. Grace is not only the name of the school, it’s the mission of the people who work and learn there.

You can see why I’m excited about teaching at Scoala Harul!

How can you help?
I’ve agreed to teach English at Grace School without salary, and God has already provided generously for me in various ways, but there are still needs. Rather than asking for money, my request is that you pray for me along with my coworkers and students. If you then do feel led to contribute financially, please click here to contact me via email. Some of the students have great financial need, and their parents are trusting God to provide, believing that Grace School is part of His will for their families. I would love to apply your donation toward helping sponsor one of these children for the 2012-2013 school year ($1,200 USD). More than anything, though, I would love to know that you are praying for me and this school over the next year.

Also, as a way to make a few extra dollars for my time in Romania, I’ve set up an etsy shop. This summer I’ll be selling jewelry handmade from reclaimed materials at www.etsy.com/shop/barefootbecky. The last thing I would ask you to do is keep reading! I love to write about my adventures, and this is where you’ll find all the funny stories, lessons, and prayer requests. I’m so excited to share these with you, and please, please leave comments. Getting a blog comment is almost more fun for me than getting mail. Almost.

Until next time... Ciao, prieteni! (Later, friends!)

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