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Tuesday, March 9
      What an interesting two days! Yesterday we drove out of Nawawas and headed for the first village. I was surprised to be driving instead of hiking, and we were all even more surprised at how far the roads went. We ended up only hiking about 45 minutes after driving a few hours. We stopped along the way to see a new church that's being built outside Nawawas. While we were there we ate some Guava (Spanish "Guayaba") and some other fruit called "Guayanaba" (?). The Guava was good, but not the other thing. yuck. Guava gets worms in it, which is good because somehow they make it ripen better... supposedly... and then you can just pick them out. Some of the worms are BIG and I was dared to put one on my tongue for a picture, which I did. We got to the village early in the afternoon, while the people were still working, so that allowed for some rest. I tried to read my Bible a little but woke up drooling on Judges 17. We also sampled a mixed-breed tangerine/lemon, which is quite tasty if you like sour candy.

      I went out with Hakeem, Rachel (the missionary intern), and a Nicaraguan to invite people to watch the film. We visited three houses, and one man seemed particularly interested. He was out in the field when we got to his house, but after a few minutes of talking he invited us inside. He is a "Catholic," which for him means that he and all his children have been baptized. He had a lot of questions about the differences between Catholicism and our kind of Christianity -- not that Catholics can't be saved, but many there are not. Strangely enough, Loren chose to show a different movie instead of the Jesus Film, and it dealt a lot with what it means to have a relationship with God instead of only following religious customs. I think part of his decision had to do with the fact that the Jesus Film has been shown there before and there is already a small congregation of believers. However, I also believe that God had something to say to that man, and I think the man knew it, as well.
     Some of the people from the congregation there led a worship service before the film, one of our ladies who speaks fluent Spanish sang a song for them, and Hakeem gave a short evangelistic message with Loren translating. Overall everything went well, except for my shuteye. The hammock and I did not get along last night. On top of this, I accidentally brought a junior sized sleeping bag that only comes up to my chest. After much twisting, almost falling out of the hammock, and mumbling about that "cursed piece of plastic," I finally set out in search of an empty bench. Of course the only one not occupied by supplies was at the other end of a maze of hanging cocoons, so I proceeded to crawl across the floor on my belly like a sleep-deprived worm. I pulled two benches together and slept a few blessed hours. I must say it was funny to hear everyone wake up and say, "Where is Becca?! Her hammock is empty!" Glad to know I didn't wake anyone in all my fuss! Woke up bright and early this morning and headed back to the trucks for the drive to village #2, which is where we are now.

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Miriam said...

You are so rustic! And you have some of the most beautiful feet I've ever seen...Romans 10:15