If it's Sunday, it's Sarmale!

Noodle soup, sarmale, schnitzel, mashed potatoes, salad, and cake - every Sunday. So much food, but it's delicious. Sarmale is a kind of ground meat mixture wrapped in cabbage. Yes, dear friends, my cabbage tasting plan has paid off. There is also plenty of coffee, too. Not too shabby, eh?

Monday afternoon I visited the orphanage at Gavojdia with three Romanian friends. The children are so hungry for affection, and I love affection, so that works. I picked up some vocabulary, too, but unfortunately that means I have the vocabulary of a three year old girl... haha... This week a group is here from GA on a mission trip, so in the afternoons I will go with them and one of my friends here to that orphanage to spend time with the kids.

Other new experiences this week:
  • Mineral water from Buzias (supposed to be good for sickness, but it tastes disgusting. My theory is that is makes you forget whatever was wrong with you because your taste buds are so angry.)
  • Gypsy encounter on the sidewalk - we bought some rasberries from her and she yelled at me for not knowing Romanian OR German! Oh well. I'm learning.
  • Thrift store! I bought some awesome Puma tennis shoes (the style here) for 6 Lei/$2 US.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear your enjoying yourself. Im so envious of your language skills! haha thats great though!!

Africa is only 5 weeks away. Im getting anxious. i lack 700.00 which is amazing but yet, still alot. i miss u tons!! much love and prayers!- Jamie

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hear about your travels! I miss you. - MKL