Buna ziua!

Hello Romania! Wow, what a long trip... Our flights were good - all 3 of them - but we didn't sleep much on the plane Wed. night, so Wed. and Thurs. felt like one LONG day. I slept a lot in the airport in Bucharest with my head on my backpack in my lap. I know, it doesn't sound comfortable, but I really didn't care at that point. So we're here staying in Lugoj at Grandma's apartment now. This weekend there's a beer festival downtown. It's like the peanut festival, but there's mostly just beer, food, and music. There are some things for sale on the street, too, like bags and sunglasses, etc. Yesterday we went there for lunch and had shishkabobs and bread with fresh garlic sauce. mmm. The music was loud last night and people were everywhere, but we decided to go to the grocery store anyway, so that was an adventure... Our biggest problem right now is adjusting to the time difference, but other than that everything is great. It's nice being in town where we can walk everywhere. It reminds me a lot of Brooklyn, but we can see the hills from the city and the view is beautiful. It's like living in a city in North GA, if you can imagine that. But this town isn't too big, probably about the size of Sylvester, but the population of Albany because so many people live in apartment buildings. Our apartment overlooks the river, too, so it's really peaceful in the mornings (it will be even more peaceful if I can ever wake up before 10:00 am, haha). Tonight we are at some friends' house having dinner, Grandma is cooking vegetables from the market and we're having meat from the beer festival. Next week I am probably going to an orphanage with a Romanian friend, so that should be fun. I guess that's all the exciting news for now! I'm borrowing a computer at this house because we don't have one at the apartment, so I don't know how often I will post. Adios! oops, wrong language. I do that a lot here. teehee.

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glad you both made it there ok. still praying for y'all. can't wait to hear more and have a great time!