Fifteen days until I leave! I'm super excited and a little nervous, too. Two months doesn't sound like a very long time, but I've been home for about ten days now and that has felt like about a month. Last night I shared with Mama's WMU group about Nicaragua and it made me really want to be back there, speaking Spanish and eating carne y arroz. mmm... I haven't made it past the first lesson on my Romanian tapes. The book says "Learn Today - Travel Tomorrow" and has a picture of a husband and wife cuddling in front of a globe and a huge map. So far I know how to say good morning, thank you, and please speak slowly. That last one makes me laugh. I don't know the words, fast or slow, so it won't make any difference. So this week I'm trying to learn some new phrases, get together all the stuff I need, and basically enjoy my last days of nothingness. Next week we're taking a little family road trip, and then it's time to leave, so this week is pretty much it for being at home.

Apparently for the first week or so we'll be at a Bible study training center taking a course on Ephesians with pastors and teachers from all over Europe. I kind of need to have the homework done before I get there, since we're doing the whole ten week study in two weeks, and I've only done four weeks of the work. So I guess I need to get on that, huh?

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