I have two big trips coming up that I'm pretty excited about!

I'll be spending about 2 months in Romania this summer with Grandma, and I'm not sure about all the details of what we'll be doing, but I'm super excited about spending a good chunk of time over there. Apparently they eat a lot of cabbage, so I think I need to start liking it unless I want to be hungry all the time. I tried my first bite ever at supper tonight. It didn't taste bad, but it felt really gross -- especially when I swallowed. But I made a vow that from now on I will eat cabbage every time the cafeteria serves it, and I plan on living up to that.

Next week I'm going with a group from school to Nicaragua. We'll be there for seven days distributing the Gospel with a missionary who lives there. I've never been out of the States before and I can't wait! Since I'll be overseas all summer I thought this would be a good practice run, even though it's a completely different culture. We leave in three days and I've been sick all this week, so I'm praying that I will be feeling better by then. The doctor gave me three prescriptions, so I think I should be good. I'm a little anxious because I wanted to get in shape for all the hiking we'll be doing, but I haven't done a good job of that. For a while I was walking/jogging three times a week and doing Pilates once or twice in between, but then it got cold outside... and the past few days I've just wanted to sleep... Hopefully I won't be lagging too far behind the rest of the group. After all, I have my Chacos and a brand new day pack from REI, so maybe looking the part will boost my energy.

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