My Big Fat Romanian Wedding

One year and one month have passed since I updated my blog. In my defense, it's been one heck of a year!

I got MARRIED to a tall, skinny, kind, thoughtful, generous, self-sacrificing, multi-talented, hard-working hunk of Romanian manliness. Yeah, I might like him a little bit.

Romanian weddings are full of tradition, and so much fun! Let me tell this story in a few pictures that you've probably already seen on facebook, anyway.

We spent the morning at the hairdresser, then my sister Emily did my makeup, and my Mom helped me get into my enormous dress. She loaned me her wedding garter to wear as "something old," taped a penny to the bottom of my shoe, and fastened the string of pearls I received from my Grandparents for my 18th birthday.

Around noon, my groom came with his family to get me from the bed and breakfast where my family and I spent the week before the wedding. Traditionally, this happens at the bride's home, but my family doesn't happen to have a house on this continent. I love this picture of my Dad asking, "What do you want?" and then pulling the old Romanian trick of trying to give away my sister instead.


None could replace Dani's true princess, and I finally accepted "his heart" and a bouquet in exchange for my hand in marriage.


After some quick pictures and a few finger cakes, we left in a honking, hollering caravan for the civil ceremony. More friends and family met us at the city theater, where we signed our marriage certificate and became legally married. Here we are in front of the theater with all of our witnesses.


After a few more quick pictures around town, we headed to the church for the two-hour religious ceremony. In Romania, honorable couples should be both legally and spiritually married.


Ok, so maybe my dress barely fit down the aisle, but who cares? We could've chosen a bigger, cleaner, and more organized church for our wedding, but it wouldn't have been OUR church.  It's the church my groom literally helped build, where he was baptized, and where I saw him standing on a ladder while I translated for a mission team during VBS three years ago. It's a church in the dirtiest, poorest neighborhood of our town, and the church we love more than any other. The sanctuary was packed with people from every age group and walk of life imaginable, and my Grandmother was even there via Skype. We wanted a simple wedding day that represented us in every way possible, even in its imperfection -- and in my opinion, nothing could have been more perfect.



After the church ceremony, it was time to celebrate -- and let me tell you, Romanians know how to throw a party! Guests started by enjoying the fruit buffet, chocolate fountain, mini cupcakes, and unlimited coffee with flavored syrups. Then we continued stuffing ourselves with cold appetizers, noodle soup, cabbage rolls, and a meat-and-potatoes main course. Obviously, the best part was the giant chocolate cake with vanilla cream and sour cherry filling... and sparklers. Hopa!

Five courses, two wedding games, and an open mic -- that's what I call a reception. The only thing missing was a good dance, but that's "sinful" here. Alas.


Our wedding day lasted 14 hours. That's a lot of merriment for two introverts like us, but we had a blast. I know your own wedding is always your favorite, but I honestly haven't been to another wedding I enjoyed as much as ours! And hey, we didn't look bad, either. How huge is my dress? I love it!