golden moments

Last week I made a train trip alone(!), applied for my visa(!), and helped make 260 cupcakes for a friend's wedding.

This week I've been doing my job plus half of someone else's, and if you've never done that, then your day will come and you'll understand why that's not fun.

Yesterday I taught two classes of 1st-graders at the same time, spent a couple of hours at an orphanage pizza party, then went to a Romanian folk concert with a wealthy English-speaking Spanish widow/former actress who thinks I speak Spanish much better than I really do. I came home at 11:30pm with my hair smelling like smoke, and you know how I went to school this morning? Yep, smoky hair masked with Dove dry shampoo and Zara perfume.

Needless to say, I was really not in the mood to deal with fidgety little kids today. I binged on candy corn. I took a short nap on my desk. I hid the "pink" flash card because of this one kid who repeated the work "pink" yesterday for 15 minutes. I drank instant coffee at 4 in the afternoon.

I also received a lovely drawing from one of my, err, challenging students. It's "Princess Teacher in a castle with her Prince" (yet unidentified), and on the other side "Teacher riding a horse."

We reviewed the letter G, and I saw some pretty impressive giraffes. One of my students also drew God in his notebook for the second time. His family doesn't go to church, but he learns about God at our school, and I pray that his interest in God will one day lead to a relationship with Him.

Then the 4-year-olds came for the after-school lesson, and these kids made my day. Their personalities are so entertaining. I mean, the Turkish boy who NEVER wants to color was actually hoarding crayons today.  We're teaching him Romanian and English at the same time, which is fun. Then there were these conversations...

Me: Hey, girl, don't put that in your mouth! It has germs, little worms that you can't see, and now they're in your mouth.
Boy: But I like to eat worms. (His mother later confirmed that he does love gummy worms.)

Girl: Teacher, I lost my two puppies. But you know what I have at home that's brown and pokes you?
Me: I have no idea.
Girl: A hedgehog! I have a big brown hedgehog that pokes you.
Me: Ooh, that's cool. I hope he stays outside!
Girl: You know how big my brown hedgehog that pokes you is?
Me: Nope, how big?
Girl: As big as my house!
Me: No way. How'd he get so big?
Girl: I gave him all the food from my house and he grew that big.
Me: Hmm. I see. And what's his name?
Girl: Rainbow. My big brown hedgehog that pokes you is named Rainbow.

This was my favorite...
Girl 1: I like to talk with my cousin who lives in Canada.
Girl 2: Cool! Does she speak Canadianeasca?

Then I came home and baked brownies for my early "birthday" party happening in English class tomorrow -- no adults invited.

The end. Tomorrow is Friday. Hallelujah.

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