On Romanian TV, there are fewer and longer commercial breaks than in the U.S. My favorite part of the commercial break is the commercial that tells you when the commercial break is beginning and ending. It's usually some kind of catchy jingle or elevator music and the word "PUBLICITATE" swirling around. So here's me telling you the commercials are beginning...

I want to do a little publicity for three of my favorite personal care products that I could not live without.

First, there's my most recent discovery: ClayDry Natural Deodorant. Go ahead, judge me. Call me stinky pits or secretly accuse me of being one of those unbathing nature girls, I don't care. I was skeptical that something like this could work better than my extra strength mitchum cool gel, but I was wrong. Not only does it work, but it's natural, made by a Jewish company, and not overpriced like most "organic" products these days -- a roll-on tube costs $4.75.

Next up, another go-to natural product: Tate's The Natural Miracle Conditioner. Look it up on Amazon and you can read reviews about how the company is somewhat sketchy and the ingredients list unlikely, but nobody denies that it really is a great product. I use it as hair conditioner (both in the shower and as leave-in), light face cream, shaving lotion, and sometimes as eye makeup remover. I've even put it on mosquito bites as itch relief. Along with being safe for sensitive skin, I like that I can go on a trip and pack one product for several different uses. I order the huge bottle once a year for $18 + shipping, and also have a small bottle for travel. I think I would cry if this company ever went under, because it's the best thing I've found for my frizzy curls. It's a miracle!

Last but not least, straight from my Grandma's medicine cabinet: Pond's Cold Cream. No, really, I discovered this by accident when I forgot to pack face wash on a visit to Grandma's house. Slather on a thin layer, let it sit while you brush your teeth, then scrub it off with a warm rag. (I'm told it works even better if you leave it on overnight.) After wasting money for years on pore strips and other harsh treatments that didn't work, Pond's has nearly eliminated my lifelong battle with blackheads. It smells good, it leaves your face softer than a baby's bottom, and a year's worth costs less than $5. I've been using it for over a year and I'm still on my first jar. Hard to beat!
Now, here's the commercial to tell you the commercials are ending... *5 seconds of elevator music* Back to our regularly scheduled programming! It's time for me to get back to my Romanian-subtitled Monk reruns.

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