Kangoo? I do!

Hey, there! Little Becky here, and I'd like to tell you about the newest fitness craze in our little corner of Romania. Behold, Kangoo Jumps...

I decided to try Kangoo for three main reasons:
1. Kangoo boots make an intense cardio workout (read: gelato-burning) surprisingly low-impact. They supposedly absorb 80% of the impact, and since I have old lady knees that make running a bad choice for me, Kangoo seemed like a great alternative.

2. Last week my friend and I got into an excercise discussion with one of those know-it-all fitness guys, who informed us that programs like Zumba and Kangoo aren't really beneficial. In his words, "with Kangoo you just jump around like a fool. It's better to find an activity you really enjoy." But what if I enjoy jumping around like fool? Obviously I had to find out.

3. Here's the real reason. If you watched Nickelodeon in the 90's, you know.
So what was it like to jump like a fool? Think big hair flying. Hysterical laughter (really, lie down and hold my heavy Kangoo feet in the air while doing crunches?). A wall mirror covered in sweat after desperately trying to balance myself while taking breathers. At 15 Lei per session (around $3), I call it a cheap thrill. 

Granted, there were moments when that hour seemed pretty long, but in the end I felt like I'd really done something good for my body. One thing I've learned here is the importance of taking care of myself -- spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I have to spend time with God. I have to recognize when it's time for me to rest socially. I have to eat well and make time for exercise. A healthy person is much happier, more effective in ministry, and a heck of a lot easier to be around.

The verdict on Kangoo Jumps: I'm going back tomorrow.

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