Let it snow!

I never quite appreciated all those Christmas songs about snow. About a week ago I commented to a coworker that I'd be disappointed if we didn't have a "White Christmas," because my whole life I've been changing the lyrics to "just like the ones I've never known." Well, somewhere around hour 26 of snow, I started singing with real emotion "the weather outside is frightful.. and since we've no place to go, let it snow!" But when school was cancelled yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore. The roads were still a little messy (hence the snow day), but the sky was finally clear -- I had to get outside. Here is what I found.

my commute
the river was just freezing and is now completely covered with snow

The only time we ever see this much white at home is during the cotton harvest. What is a Georgia girl to do? Well, I'll tell you.

  • bake, eat
  • wear knee boots, colored tights, pretty scarves, beret, mittens, pea coat
  • straighten hair and try various hairstyles in vain attempt to find something that works with a beret
  • obsessively take pictures of everything that has snow on it, which means... well, everything.
  • walk at a painfully slow pace
  • sing all the Christmas songs about snow
  • stop to take a few more pictures in a different light or from another angle
  • look outside every 30 minutes to see if it's still snowing
  • between snow-checks, spray every room with apple cinnamon air freshener
  • eat some more of what I baked
  • play Christmas songs on guitar
  • make video of snow with Christmas music playing in the background
  • put pictures on facebook and watch people from home comment on how pretty the snow is
  • drink lots of hot tea, especially with baked goods
  • ask myself why I haven't made a snowman yet
One thing I've noticed about snow: It makes litter and dog-walking spots look especially gross. That's unfortunate.

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Jen said...

That picture of the river is GORGEOUS!!