a cultural moment

There hasn't been a lot going on to write about, this being the end of summer vacation here. *Amendment: The government has just announced that the first day of school will be delayed by one week to give many schools time to finish renovations. One more week of summer vacation!*

I have been enjoying some Romanian Christian music lately, so I thought I'd share some with you! A couple are translations of English songs and a couple are Romanian.

One of my favorite old songs by Hillsong.

This group performed Friday night here in Lugoj. When I looked for them on youtube, I found a video of them singing at a Romanian church in Knoxville! Who knew?

This tune should be familiar, although the lyrics are a little different. I like the Romanian version! (Sorry, but I couldn't embed the video, so just follow the link.)

There you go! Just a little idea of what my life here sounds like.

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