So... I survived my first time flying overseas alone! Everything went perfectly, and when Mr. Security in Amsterdam removed every single item from my carry-on (including a rolling bag and my shoulder bag), he even repacked it exactly the right way. I give him props for that. I also got my foot locker and huge suitcase from the baggage claim and onto a cart without any help. I give myself props for that.

Because I'm in Europe now, I started the morning with a cup of coffee on the balcony followed by some bread and cheese for breakfast. Not that you care, but I really enjoyed it. I love bread and cheese and coffee and balconies.

Speaking of Europe, there's something you need to know. When someone sneezes, the appropriate response is not "Gesundheit!" That is German. This is Romania. Instead, you should say "Sănătate!" (suh-nuh-tah-tay)

So there you go.

The view from my bedroom window.

I found these in the kitchen -- definitely in Europe now.


Jennifer said...

Woohoo! You made it! I can't wait to "hear" all your stories. I'm pretty sure I need to come visist- I love coffee, bread and cheese, and balconies! Yep, I must!

Rebecca said...

You know you're welcome any time! You can be a special visitor in my class! :)

This day was made for a God moment... said...

AHH!!! You're in ROMANIA! YAY! Where? I'm SO excited to read about everything!