...is the best. period.

Every morning this week we visited elementary school English classes. Oh my goodness... I love children. I love that you can sing songs with them like "How many dogs? 1, 2, 3, woof woof woof!" I love their precious little accents when they say "My favorite toy is doll."

I also love teaching a class full of grown men (and two women) how to be polite, how to talk about life choices, how to eat pixie sticks, and how to get excited about playing kazoos for intonation practice. Even more than that, I love that we can talk about anything and everything in the name of "English class."

I love that if you're a warm and approachable teacher, people will love you. I love that I happen to know this language that everybody else wants to know. I love how it puts people in my life who are nothing like me -- people like my Korean friends who are here teaching with me, and the precious Macedonian girl who welcomed us into her home and showed us her brother's wedding pictures. People like my student who reminds me so much of my "little brother" Elijah, and my new friend whose son I cannot wait to meet tomorrow night.

I love that Christ loves every single one of these people, and that He can somehow show them that love through me taking an interest in their lives.

TESL is the best.

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